What Is Open Access?


David Silverstein, CEO
BMGI was born with the goal of making a difference in the way companies meet their objectives. We first achieved that goal through the proven principles of Lean and Six Sigma. As we’ve continued to explore how we could ensure our customers are successful, we’ve built on that foundation, expanding into the broader world of problem solving.
Simply put, we specialize in developing unique solutions to our customers’ specific problems. We don't prescribe any one solution for all. Rather, we partner with clients to design solutions in the most efficient and least expensive manner possible. Our experts have an extensive knowledge of many problem solving methods and tools, including Lean, Six Sigma, innovation and design, strategy, Hoshin Planning, and change management.
Our strength is in our people-driven problem solving. We believe the key to any successful effort starts—and ends—with the people—both our people and our clients'. That doesn’t mean the tools and training are any less important. But they aren’t our competitive advantage. The people are. That’s why we offer our world-class courseware, tools, templates and other resources available at little or no cost, through Open Access.
This is just the start. Open Access is a place for the problem solving community to grow and share their solutions, to find out: What worked for you and what’s next for us? We welcome your feedback. Of course, if you ever have questions or need help with any of the problem solving approaches on Open Access, we’re available to talk, one person to another.

All my best,